The Romanov Legacy Teaser Trailer – 2016 Edition

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Because I don’t have enough dumb things to do in my life, I decided to work on my video production skills. I spent time over the summer learning how to put clips together in a way that’s more entertaining than Microsoft Movie Maker pan-and-scan.

Then I ditched this project like an unloved orphan while I did round one of revisions on The Dante Deception. Fast-forward six months until I remember it exists. So here goes – my new and improved trailer for The Romanov Legacy, submitted herewith for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to write me in on your Oscar ballots.

Isn’t that a killer track? I love movie soundtracks, and when I was hunting for music for this piece, I knew I wanted something sharp, loud, and intense. If this trailer has any kick at all, it’s due to the music.

I also recently cast the characters in The Romanov Legacy – wanna see? Click here.

P.S. There’ll be a Croatoa trailer coming soon (read: “soon” in Jenni time means “before I’m dead”) and a teaser video for The Dante Deception. What can I say? It’s fun to make videos, and it exercises different brain functions than writing. I’ll try not to let six months go before I share them with you.

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