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Privacy is awesome, and not just when you’re taking a shower. As the owner of this website, I make every effort to protect the privacy of my visitors. This page explains the obligations & requirements of the user (that’s you), the website (, and the website owner (that’s me) so we can keep each other as safe as possible. This page also explains the way my website processes, stores, and protects user data and information.



My website uses Google Analytics, a tracking software that monitors visitors so I can better understand how they use my site. To do this, Google Analytics uses cookies. (Personally, I also use cookies whenever I’m feeling snacky, low on blood sugar, or depressed.)

Cookies are small files that your web browser saves to your computer’s hard drive. They track and store information about how you interact with my site. Cookies do not collect or store any personal information. This is key – I do not know anything about you personally. I do not know whether you’re a man, woman, child, rich, poor, old, or young. Click here to read Google’s privacy policy here for further information.

You might be wondering: why on earth do I want to know how you use my site?

Google Analytics can tell me which countries my users are located in. If I find out I have a ton of readers in Australia, for example, I’d want to include Australian buy links on my book pages. Google Analytics can also tell me which pages on my site are visited most frequently. I can then go back and ensure those pages are optimized for fast delivery on mobile devices to make sure you guys have an easy time accessing my most popular content. My goal in obtaining this information is to make your user experience better on my site.

If you don’t want to allow my site to save cookies on your computer’s hard drive, please use your web browser’s security settings to block them. Here are a few links that explain how to do that:

Know how I know these are the browsers you guys are using? Because of Google Analytics! Full circle, n’est-ce pas?

Google Analytics also provides a browser add-on you can install that prevents Google Analytics from using your browsing data. To learn more and get the installation link, click here.


Feel free to use the site’s contact form to reach me. A name, return email address, and subject line are all that’s required to use the form – you can insert anything into the “Name” field if you’re not comfortable giving me your real name. If you don’t need/want a response to your email, you could even insert a bogus email into the contact form’s field. I’ll still receive your message, but I won’t be able to write back. Every effort has been made to ensure the contact form is safe and secure, but please be aware that any use of that form is at your own risk.

You know what else is done at your own risk? Telling me you had eclairs but ate them all and left none for me.

If the contact form freaks you out, you can also just email me directly at jenni [at] jenniwiltz [dot] com.

I will only use any information you give me to help answer any questions you may have submitted. Your details will never be shared with anyone or passed on to any third parties. That’s not how I roll. Unless you submit next week’s winning lotto numbers, in which case I will promptly buy a ticket with those numbers. Just saying. If you have winning numbers, you should use them for yourself.


I have an email newsletter that I use to tell subscribers about new releases, additions to this website, and sometimes old jokes that I remember from middle school. If you want to subscribe, there are subscription links in various places on the site, including the sidebar of any blog post. All that’s required to sign up is an email address. I will use that email address to send you infrequent emails about new books and special offers. These subscriptions are processed through ConvertKit’s online automated service. As of May 2018, ConvertKit is fully compliant with the latest GDPR requirements. Feel free to sign up, but be aware you do so at your own risk. If you want to be on my mailing list but don’t want to use the automated form, you can email me and give me your permission to add you to my list.

All subscriptions and communications regarding subscription details comply with the CAN-SPAM Act. Every email will have an unsubscribe link at the bottom. No personal details are shared or passed on to third parties. Period. My subscription service provider is ConvertKit. Click here to read their privacy policy.

Thanks to the lovely folks at ConvertKit, the email newsletters I send you may track certain activities, including whether you opened the email and which links (if any) you clicked. This activity is stored in a ConvertKit database, so I can view stats on whether I suck at mailing lists. (News flash: I do.) This information is only used to refine future email sends so I can provide you with more relevant content based on your activity. You have the right to unsubscribe or request full deletion of your information at any time. You can unsubscribe via the link in the bottom of any email I send you. You can also email me at jenni [at] jenniwiltz [dot] com to request full deletion of your subscriber information.


Sometimes I link to other websites to show you where I found interesting stuff. Although I try my best to include only safe and relevant external links, I can’t control these sites’ privacy policies or content. It’s possible that a website I identified as safe and relevant when I created the link no longer meets that criteria. This website and its owners (that’d be me) cannot be held liable for any damages or implications caused by visiting any external links mentioned.


This website may contain referral and/or affiliate links. The purpose of a referral/affiliate link is to reward the link poster (usually monetarily) if the link clicker purchases a product at the destination URL. A common affiliate program is, which pays website owners like me a commission for any items you purchase on Amazon when you click through from my site.

If I post a referral/affiliate link, I will always specify this is the case, usually at the foot of the content containing the link, with my other citations. Click these links  at your discretion. I have no employment history or affiliation with Amazon or other affiliate program provider. I do not receive any identifying information about you. Honestly, I’ve never made a dime from affiliate programs, so I don’t know what happens when they work. Amazon’s program documentation tells me that I will only see a report of items purchased by people who clicked through from my site, and a total amount I will be paid as commission. I won’t know who purchased the item or have any identifying information about them. If you click an affiliate link, the price of any items you purchase at the destination site does not change. The destination site will simply reward me with a small percentage of their profit based on your total purchase amount.


I include social media sharing buttons on this website to help users (that’s you) share my content directly from this site to selected social media platforms. Although I would looooove for you to share my work, please use these social sharing buttons at your own risk. Be aware that the social network may track and save your request to share a web page through your account with that that social media platform. Use social media wisely and abide by all terms and conditions of use posted by the networks you wish to participate in.

My site also uses Facebook’s tracking pixel, which can be used to show you my ads within Facebook or Instagram. I have never run a pixel-based ad campaign, but I might someday, so I want you to know that pixel is in place. The idea behind the pixel is that it helps me show ads to people who have visited my site and might therefore be interested in my books. I am not able to see individual information about you. I have no affiliation with Facebook. I am merely a cog in the wheel, a regular old site user and advertising customer. If you want to opt out, you can adjust your Facebook settings to tell Facebook not to use information based on your browsing activity outside of Facebook. Click here to see their help post on the topic.

I make every effort to protect the privacy of visitors to my site. However, in the vulgar vernacular, shit happens. In all your interactions with my site, and elsewhere on the web, please be aware that transmitting any sensitive or confidential information should be done with full knowledge that no electronic communications are entirely secure from interception.

Have a question or comment about this privacy policy? I’m kind of surprised you’re still reading, actually. Mad props for guarding your online privacy so scrupulously!

You can send any questions or comments about this policy to my attention:

Jenni Wiltz
General Delivery
Pilot Hill, CA 95664