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A Writer’s Midlife Crisis

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There is a lie we tell our children. It goes something like this: “If you set your mind to a goal, you can achieve it. Anything is possible if you work hard enough.” We tell our kids they can be an astronaut, a ballerina, a basketball player, a physicist, or even the president. It’s not true. At least it wasn’t for me. I …

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2016 Wrap-Up

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Happy New Year’s weekend, everyone! Welcome to my year-end wrap-up, along with a few recommendations for amazing stuff to watch and read that I discovered in 2016. Although this year kind of sucked for obvious reasons, it wasn’t all bad. Here’s the proof. On to the wrap-up! In 2016, I published: The Dante Deception (thriller, Natalie Brandon #2) The Carmelite Prophecy …

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Songs for Writers

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I went running yesterday, and as often happens when I run, my mind turned to writing. I have a running playlist, but instead of using these songs as motivation to exercise, I usually apply them to writing. Yesterday, I realized my playlist mapped out way more of the writing process than the get-your-ass-around-this-track process. Why? I’ve been going through a spectrum …

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How I Got Started as a Writer

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Lots of writers get asked about their origin stories. For some reason, people want to know what prompted that all-important life-changing moment. What makes a person take that crucial step? It has to be something compelling, something important, something meaningful…right? For me, it was a soap opera. A soap opera with an alien. I kid you not. General Hospital circa …