Welcome to the Jungle

Welcome to the Jungle

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The jungle… that’s how I view the world of website ownership and management.

I used to think my job was just to write. Stories, books, memoirs, heck, even poems if that’s what it took.  But the world is different now. Thirteen-year-olds successfully create and operate websites, and I’m not about to be outdone by someone who wasn’t even alive when Vanilla Ice was popular. Sidebar: Have you seen Vanilla Ice’s home renovation show, by the way?  It’s entertaining, but they’re always breaking things and smashing things and I’d be a little nervous if I bought anything those guys had put together.  I mean, one guy sat on a granite countertop and broke it.

If I let myself be scared by this, there’s no telling what else I might let myself be scared by.  Giant spiders?  Okay, I’ll always fear giant spiders.  Nothing in the world will fix that.  But being an indie writer is all about finding what’s new, what no one has done before, and doing things yourself because there isn’t anyone out there who will do them for you.

Dr. Livingston, I Presume?

So here I am, an intrepid explorer in the jungle of the interwebs, paying for a domain name and hosting space and researching WordPress themes and plugins and widgets and oh my god, my head is going to explode because there are millions of articles titled, “837 essential WordPress plugins” and there are also 837 articles that tell you not to use too many plugins or your site will run slow as hell.

This is something that should be easy, and I’m probably making it hard and overthinking it.  But like anything else I do, I get kind of aggro-Virgo-perfectionist about it and drive myself into a frenzy trying to perfect something that’s either impossible to perfect or not worth perfecting. Whatever the result may be, I hope to create a place you guys will enjoy.  If for no other reason than laughing at my angst over stupid stuff like how to compress images for Web use without Photoshop.

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